Three Hot New Apps! by AdultAppMart - May 23, 2012

Three of the hottest new apps on the AdultAppMart are Casino of Passion, Beach Girls and Blackjack Casino Tour by ChilliAdultGames.

Casino of Passion
Casino of Passion is an interactive fiction game that lets you control the characters by role playing. The graphics are great and the game is very detailed. You can live like a boss for a night or flirt with the hot waitress and take her home and fuck her! All of it is under your control.

Beach Girls

Beach Girls has some of the most realistic graphics out there of hot naked girls that need your help putting oil all over their bodies! Use your fingers to rub the oil on and when you rub the girls in the right spot they will get turn on and laugh. Life’s a day at the beach with Beach Girls.

Blackjack Casino Tour

Blackjack Casino Tour lets you gamble and play Blackjack with some of the hottest dealers anywhere! There are three different casinos to choose from. Go big and beat it all with Blackjack Casino Tour.

Check out Casino of Passion and Beach Girls or all of the high quality apps from ChilliAdultGames today!

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