AdultAppMart Launches its Partnership with Cherry Media Partners to offer Cherry’s Content to AdultAppMart’s Developers

The leader in innovative 3rd party app stores for adult, AdultAppMart, is proud to announce it’s partnership with Cherry Media to offer all of Cherry’s award winning mobile content to AdultAppMart developers.

A special section has been added in the AdultAppMart developer area and will give developers an instant partner for high quality and mobile edited content that can quickly and easily be integrated into their own apps to be sold and downloaded on AdultAppMart. “The partnership with Cherry was the next logical step for AdultAppMart to better cater to our developers. We wanted our developers to be able to have proper copyrights and licensing rights to all content they use for their apps as well as improve the consumers experience with unrivaled quality content”, says Quinn, President of AdultAppMart.

Julia Dimambro, MD and Founder of Cherry Media adds, “Cherry Media is globally renowned for its insight and experience into what adult consumers really want on mobile and there is no difference for Apps. The advice and support we are able to offer to developers in addition to content will help ensure they are able to create a great customer experience and generate a sustainable business model for their applications”.

For more information please go to

by AdultAppMart - March 14, 2012
AdultAppMart Receives 3 XBIZ Award Nominations

AAM Logo

AdultAppMart is thrilled to announce that we have received three nominations for the 2012 Xbiz Awards, including Mobile Services Company, Progressive Company of the Year, and Innovative Web/Tech Product of the Year.

It’s humbling for us to achieve this kind of recognition from our peers with our official launch just six short months ago. So thank you, to our team, to our developers that work hard to create amazing apps, to our customers, and to our colleagues and peers. We’re looking forward to seeing you at the award show in Hollywood this January.

by AdultAppMart - November 15, 2011
12/11/11 Finally Friday Fap Apps!

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Welome to this week’s edition of Finally Friday Fap Apps!

Mega Gay VOD is the native app with THE most gay content. This one is free to download as well, boasting over 1100 full length DVD’s and over 3,900 individual scenes many with free 45 second trailers. Now featuring an all access pass for 9.95!

Want some portable hotness in your pocket? 99 Perfect Butts and Boobs fits the bill. All these sexy images are visually striking full color and black and white photographs featuring some really curvy women. They look great on mobile devices, fun to show friends at the bar!

Want hot chicks but want to put a little effort into it? (Sort of like real life isn’t it?) Try Super Hot Video Puzzle Light Arrange the puzzled frames to uncover the super hot divas. A super hot babe is cut into random pieces. Rearrange the pieces to get the perfect babe!

Hot and bothered and looking for real interaction right now? Download Naughty Cities and be a touch away from finding the most exciting “naughty life.” Covering major cities all over the world, for strip clubs, swingers clubs, escorts, erotic massage, sex shops, gay, fetish and others.

That’s it for this week! Have a ‘fap’ulous Friday!

Are you a developer and want to see YOUR app featured on Friday Fap Apps? Drop us a line!

by AdultAppMart - November 11, 2011
Finally Friday Fap Apps!

AAM LogoWe’ve been getting so many new porn apps every week – we thought we’d start a regular Friday blog post to let you know about some of them.

Mega Adult VOD, is the native app with THE most content. Free to download, you have access to over 14,000 full length DVD’s and over 40,000 individual scenes. With dozens of niches, package pricing and free 45 second trailers, this is a MUST have porn app for you Friday Fappers.

Looking for variety, and a little randomness? Fap to the Minute shows a new random xxx video every minute, with scenes ranging from teen to mil to hardcore and everything in between. Plus – with a name like Fap to the minute, we had to include it in our Friday Fap Apps!

Craving a little girl girl action? Dig those true stories about ‘first times’? First Time Lesbian Sex Stories was made for you. You can even submit your own story!

Is a premium gay app more your style? ALL GAY SITES PASS covers all hardcore gay fetishes from hot exploring twinks and buffed up black studs all the way to feature gorgeous bears and latino hunks in elaborate orgies. You don’t want to miss this steamy app!

Are you a developer and want to see YOUR app featured on Friday Fap Apps? Drop us a line!

by AdultAppMart - November 4, 2011
Development, Affiliates and QR Codes, oh my!

AAM LogoWow. We’ve been so busy working on all sorts of cool new things; we’ve sort of been neglecting the blog. Think you can forgive us? How about if we tell you about all those cool new things that have kept us so busy?

First of all – we’ve started offering development services. So if you have a website – or series of sites, or you have some fantastic content – or even a great idea for a new app – you should definitely get in touch with us and let us help you create an amazing native Android app!

Next – We’ve set up an affiliate program. Yep – so if you’re looking for new opportunities for added value for your sites – or if you just love adult apps and want to spread the word and make a buck – you should check us out.

Finally – we’ve added QR codes to the majority of our apps. Our developers are free to use these to promote their apps on their own sites – on business cards – DVD box covers – t-shirts – wherever you can place a QR Code to help promote your app! (My favorite idea is QR Code temporary tattoos. Who wouldn’t want to scan some hot models boob?) And we even have individualized QR Codes for affiliates to promote the AdultAppMart marketplace.

Love all of these ideas and not partnered with us yet? Give us a shout out and let us know how we can help YOU.

AdultAppMart fans! We’re not ignoring you! Want to browse the marketplace on your desktop computer? You should take a peek at the site. We have QR codes in place so you can scan and instantly download the apps you want, right from the site. What could be better than instant gratification? All the hot new apps that we add every single week – and we have more surprises coming for YOU soon!

by AdultAppMart - October 19, 2011
Does YOUR smartphone keep you warm at night?

We can certainly understand your answer being yes if you have AdultAppMart installed on it, but we have to say that even we were a little surprised at the statistics coming out of a survey by TeleNav. Apparently we’re not the only ones that are surprised, as this story has been picked up (and picked on) by everyone from Forbes to CNet.

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet – we’ll break down a few of the finer points for you (and even point you to this nifty little infographic.)

63% of respondents would rather give up chocolate than their smartphone for a week.

55% would rather give up caffeine. (No way, not ever.)

20% would be more willing to give up their computer.

21% would give up their shoes.

22% would prefer to give up their toothbrush for a week. (Eww!)

70% would give up alcohol.

And a whopping 33% would prefer to give up sex for a week rather than their smartphone. (Yes even the iPhone users that don’t even have porn!)

But wait – there’s more…

22% of respondents said they would rather spend a week without their partner or significant other than giving up their smartphone for a week, which probably explains why 18% said that they have used their phones (and associated technology or social media) to end a relationship.

So what sinful pleasure (or hygenic habit) would YOU be willing to give up for a week, in order to hang on to your smartphone?

by AdultAppMart - August 23, 2011
Skinemax flies under Apple’s anti-porn radar

It was more than a little surprising to find out that Cinemax, fondly known as Skinemax for their “Max After Dark” softcore porn offerings, has managed to fly under Apple’s radar and land their “Max Go” app in the Apple App Store in clear violation of Apple’s anti-porn policy. When Apple’s famous CEO, Steve Jobs has been reported as telling a customer, “Folks who want porn can buy and (sic) Android Phone,” and the company actively removes similarly themed apps from it’s App Store, the last thing that you would expect to see offered on iTunes would be the opportunity to stream, “The Hills Have Thighs” to your iPad.

It could be that Apple is feeling the heat with devices running the Android OS accounting for 48% of smartphone sales worldwide, or it might just be that famous and powerful brands get a free pass for placement.

In the meantime, while we watch this controversial story unfold, we’ll be enjoying our Android phones and tablets, and of course, the huge selection of the sexiest content and uncensored adult apps in our own app marketplace.

by AdultAppMart - August 16, 2011
Attention developers! You asked, we delivered. In-app billing is live.

AdultAppMart is thrilled to announce to our developers that we now offer full support for in-app billing.

What does this mean for you? The in-app purchase function supports rental purchases that specifies and tracks how many hours an in-app item will be owned once it is purchased. When the time expires, the in-app item will be available again for purchase. This feature alleviates both you and user from having to track the elapsed time since the purchase. The remaining time is retrieved via the in-app billing library using the purchase check feature.

Incorporating this payment feature into your creation serves the end user with convenience, which in turn, encourages return customers. Through a simple import, you will find the integration of in-app billing into your Android projects effortless, needing only a unique token to identify particular features within the app along with a price in AdultAppMart credits.

In-app billing is good for AdultApp Mart users too! You’ll have access to sexy new apps that give you the option to buy content immediately and effortlessly, without ever having to exit the app.

by AdultAppMart - August 2, 2011
#SINNING! for your Android with Two and a Half Addictions

#SINNING!If you’re one of the multitudes that wished to be a tiger-blood having, winning, rock star from Mars, here’s your opportunity. Game publisher, Mayonnaise Games, released Two and a Half Addictions to Adult App Mart today.

This interactive sitcom has one speed, one gear, GO – and help Charlie Fiend get laid, do drugs, and party the only way he knows how…Hardcore! Forget ‘Winning’ – Adonis DNA is for SINNING!

Two and a Half Addictions had us laughing so hard, we can’t wait to see what Mayonnaise Games comes up with next. You can download Two and a Half Addictions for your android phone from Adult App Mart or play for free on the internet at

(Please note that this app requires adobe AIR. )

by AdultAppMart - July 21, 2011
Android Porn VOD App!

AdultAppMart is proud to have this new great android porn app inside of our store.  With thousands of long xxx scenes in a number of niches everyone should download this app and at least check out one amazing video on their phone.  You won’t go back to normal short clips once you see this app in action.  Download is free and each video is currently only 50 cents to rent for 24 hours and you can watch is as many times as you want.  Check out the description below.

“This is the one VOD porn app for everyone! With 66 categories ranging from hair type, ethnicity, big tits, natural tits, lesbian, cumshots, anal and everything in between we have something for whatever you are craving. The app is free to download and you only pay for videos your chose. Each full length video rents for 50 cents and is yours to watch for 24 hours. You can watch as many videos as you want with no monthly subscription required. All videos stream quickly to your phone and give you instant access to over 2600 full length video scenes that are constantly being updated. This is the best VOD porn app out there so download it today!”

by AdultAppMart - July 12, 2011

Los Angeles – June 21, 2011 – On the heels of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s, (D-N.Y.) official resignation today,  We have announced our latest Android app, The Wonder Weiner.  Along with the new app, available only on Adult App Mart, comes the offer to the former New York Representative to earn residual income for doing what he does so well – taking pictures of his wonder weiner to regularly update the app.

“We’re excited to be able to offer this timely solution for Congressman Weiner to earn some extra income while he’s taking a break from politics, and entertaining other job offers. We would be happy to give him developer access to enable him to update the app whenever he’s feeling up to it.”

The gallery styled app – which allows Android users to make any photograph within it into their devices wallpaper – includes a number of photographs of the former Congressman, including the ones people most want to see, enabling Adult App Mart users to show their support of Anthony Weiner with their very own Weiner wallpaper.

We are dedicated to bringing the greatest variety of the sexiest content available to Android devices and determined to be Android fans first choice in mobile entertainment. Continuously expanding with niche-specific apps that run the gamut. With no limits on our content and easy discrete credit card billing, AdultAppMart is the premier marketplace for adults to make their own decisions about what they want to download.


by AdultAppMart - June 22, 2011
Gay & Tranny Categories Added! is proud to now offer applications for both Gay and Transgender desires.  With new applications added all the time be sure to check back often and give your feed back to our developers, together we can build the best market for all types of amazing applications.

by AdultAppMart - June 20, 2011
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