Fun Wallpaper Apps in AdultAppMart by AdultAppMart - June 25, 2013

Fun Wallpaper Apps in AdultAppMart

Are you tired of your boring old standard screen on your phone? Or maybe you just want something new and fresh on it? Do you know that there are things called Live Wallpapers that are completely interactive?? Or maybe a Live Wallpaper is a little too extreme for you but you’d love some hot new photos (nude or non-nude) for your background image. Well if so you are in luck, AdultAppMart has almost 300 different wallpaper apps to choose from! Here are some our favorites but definitely search around to find the one that is best for you:

Hot BeachAss Live Wallpaper – This Live Wallpaper app is completely interactive and lets you adjust all sorts of setting so it’s exactly how you want it. The app starts off with a hot photo of a cute blonde on the beach naked showing off her tight ass. Now is where the customization starts! The app will have falling coconuts and dots that if you tap them, they will blow up and show a nude photo right in your background! You get to set the speed and direction of the coconuts falling. There is even a hit counter that can be displayed in the background showing how many you have blown up! Plus, one of the greatest features is if you want you can have the falling items hid just in case someone else might see your phone! Hot BeachAss Live Wallpaper is only $1.99 to download and can be downloaded here. Oh and also, if you are looking for a different theme then the beach the developer made several of these types of apps so you can chose from five other designs.

Lingerie Football HD Wallpaper – Do you love football and girls in lingerie? Lingerie Football HD Wallpaper is a great wallpaper app with 100 HD images of the hottest lingerie football babes out there! The app lets you download the images, share them and also set them as your wallpaper. The images are not interactive and are not nude so the app might be perfect for someone who is a bit shyer and doesn’t want “porn” on their main screen but still wants smoking hot girls. This could be the perfect time to download Lingerie Football HD Wallpaper so you have it on your screen ready for football season and of course your fantasy football drafts! It can be downloaded here at and is only 99 cents

Ass Clap Live Wallpaper – The title pretty much says it all! Ass Clap is a Live Wallpaper of a close up shot of one super sexy girl in black fishnets and black boyshort underwear clapping her checks together. It’s completely free and can be downloaded here.

There are almost 300 other wallpaper apps in AdultAppMart so if these are not exactly what you are looking for just search through them and you will find what you are looking for!

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