Does YOUR smartphone keep you warm at night? by AdultAppMart - August 23, 2011

We can certainly understand your answer being yes if you have AdultAppMart installed on it, but we have to say that even we were a little surprised at the statistics coming out of a survey by TeleNav. Apparently we’re not the only ones that are surprised, as this story has been picked up (and picked on) by everyone from Forbes to CNet.

Just in case you haven’t seen it yet – we’ll break down a few of the finer points for you (and even point you to this nifty little infographic.)

63% of respondents would rather give up chocolate than their smartphone for a week.

55% would rather give up caffeine. (No way, not ever.)

20% would be more willing to give up their computer.

21% would give up their shoes.

22% would prefer to give up their toothbrush for a week. (Eww!)

70% would give up alcohol.

And a whopping 33% would prefer to give up sex for a week rather than their smartphone. (Yes even the iPhone users that don’t even have porn!)

But wait – there’s more…

22% of respondents said they would rather spend a week without their partner or significant other than giving up their smartphone for a week, which probably explains why 18% said that they have used their phones (and associated technology or social media) to end a relationship.

So what sinful pleasure (or hygenic habit) would YOU be willing to give up for a week, in order to hang on to your smartphone?

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