AdultAppMart puts together top 6 Fun New Adult Games and Puzzles

Are games and puzzles your thing? Even if they aren’t we have plenty on that you can try and we are sure one will be exactly what you are looking for! Here are six of the best fun adult game and puzzle Android apps on AdultAppMart:

1. Puzzle Betti – This is a classic jigsaw game but with a little bit of a twist. All 84 images are of a hot young girl name Betti and she goes from wearing cute outfits to being totally nude and playing with herself! There are three different levels of play and the harder the levels get the more action Betti does! Puzzle Betti can be downloaded here for $1.99

2. Sexy Space Invaders – This fun app might be the best version of space invaders ever! The aliens are sexy space sluts and you use you space cock to shoot them down with your sperm! For only 99 cents this app is must be downloaded!

3. MaxMem Mari and Samanta – Is a classic concentration game of memorizing locations of photos but the difference here is its hot photos of two girls getting naked and playing with themselves! You can choose how hard you want the game to be with five different levels as well as browsing through all the images at any time. MaxMem Mari and Samanta is free to download here

4. Match the Actress Adult – Is the best type of matching game you can play! Over 100 images of adult porn stars are shown to you with a list of four different names to pick which name matches the actress. You can also browse through the actresses in the app and even search for them on the interent. Match the Actress Adult is free to download here

5. Close-Up Puzzle – This is another jigsaw puzzle game where the image is mixed up on the screen for you to put back together but all the images in this app is close up shots of pretty, wet pussies! There are a variety of pictures, some with hair, some without, and even some with toys! Close-Up Puzzle is free to download here

6. Mega Puzzle Adult – Is a mega jigsaw puzzle app with thousands of photos already installed. There are tons of girls and images to choose from for free and you can also download more photos sets from other apps at an additional cost (but you probably won’t need to!) Mega Puzzle Adult is free and can be downloaded here

All these great puzzles and games are available at as well as almost two hundred more to choose from!

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