AdultAppMart on Nexus 7 by AdultAppMart - August 9, 2012

What is even hotter than the extremely popular, affordable and fast Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet? How about raw uncensored adult apps running on that amazingly fast and sexy android tablet. is fully compatible with this newest tablet and as you can see by the photos posted it looks GREAT, you know you want to get one for your-self!

With its sleek design and power specs this tablet should be on everyone’s wish list, the google nexus 7 has an amazingly bright LED-backlit LCD touchscreen with a resolution of 800 x 1280 making our store and every amazing apps look even better than before. The videos are larger and more clear, the games brighter, bigger and better. Of course the erotic content inside all the applications is even hotter! With the Google Nexus 7 running the newest Android OS v4.1 Jelly Bean you can truly customize every aspect of this tab. Don’t forget to set your AdultAppMart icon on your home page for quick access when you need to download a fresh xxx app or watch some erotic videos on demand.

Once you install AdultAppMart on your Nexus 7 you will never look back, with 100’s of apps and fresh apps uploaded daily with a large variety of content you will always having something new and exciting to try on your amazing android tablet device. Don’t forget your Android phone and be sure to have AdultAppMart installed on all Android devices you own!

With rumors flying around the web about a 10 inch version of the nexus tablet, the team at AdultAppMart is excited to test the store and apps on even a larger screen! Stay connected to for all the news regarding new features and updates and make sure to follow us on twitter and like our facebook page.
With a few million google nexus 7 tablets expected to ship this year we are waiting for some great photos from our users showing off AdultAppMart on their own tabs, send them over to us and we will hook you up with some free credits for showing your support for AAM – AdultAppMart!

The team at AdultAppMart is excited by ever new piece of android hardware that makes its way to our customers hands and we truly want to know what you would like to see our store do next! The sky is the limit so drop us an email, tweet, or facebook and let’s make the world’s greatest adult app store even better!

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