AdultAppMart’s Porn App Market Is Now Compatible with the Revolutionary Gaming System Ouya

AdultAppMart’s Porn App Market Is Now Compatible with the Revolutionary Gaming System Ouya

AdultAppMart, one of largest adult apps store, is excited to announce that it is now compatible with the brand new Ouya gaming console that runs off of Android software!

Ouya was launched at the end of June as a revolutionary gaming system with an open platform that is incredibly friendly towards developers and consumers. All the games on Ouya are completely free to download and try out before you have to pay anything to make sure that the customers truly love a game. The entire Ouya system is run on Android, so both small and large scale developers can make games for the system. The belief is by doing this, developers can be innovative and creative, again without such a high cost of entry into the gaming console world. They want people to be able to play in their living room on their TVs instead of just on smartphones or tablets to truly appreciate the 1080i resolution and get a better gaming experience according to

As soon as Ouya came out AdultAppMart started making changes to make AdultAppMart compatible with Ouya allowing new and existing AAM members to enjoy the large porn video on demand library available inside AdultAppMart on their large screen TVs. Quinn the President of AdultAppMart says, “Now AdultAppMart members will be able to use their existing account to stream the AAM VOD Movies section of the app directly on their big screens as well as all their other Android devices. Any room of the house will now be able to have high quality streaming adult movies instantly.”

Here’s how to sideload AdultAppMart on the Ouya system:

1. Once the Ouya system is up and running, select “Make” from the home screen
2. Select “Software”, then move over and select and launch “Browser” by pressing the “O” button (green)

install adult app mart in ouya

3. Once inside the browser press “Y” button (yellow) to pull up the address bar.
4. Using your controller or a Bluetooth connected keyboard, enter and select go or press enter on your keyboard
5. Select the “Download AdultAppMart” link in the top middle section of the screen
6. After the download is started, a “Thank you!” screen will appear next press the power button on the controller and scroll down to “Exit Browser”.
7. AdultAppMart will be downloading to the Ouya system

download adult app mart onto ouya

In order to finish the installation, the AAM members should follow the steps indicated below:

1. Go to the “Manage” section from the home screen
2. Select “System”

download adult app mart onto ouya

3. Select “Advanced”

download adult app mart onto ouya

4. Scroll to “Storage” and select

download adult app mart onto ouya

5. Scroll to “Downloads” and select
6. AdultAppMart will be at the top of the Downloads menu. Open with the “O”(green) button
7. Select “Install”

download adult app mart onto ouya

8. Once installed select “Open”
9. Log in to AdultAppMart or create a new account if needed
10. Use the controller to scroll over to “Movies” for all of the AAM VODs

To access AdultAppMart using your Ouya simply follow these steps after you have installed the porn app store.

1. Go to “make”
2. Select AAM and launch

download adult app mart onto ouya

By joining these two independent platforms AdultAppMart believes it is staying in the fore front of technology and offering the best experience to their members. Along with a large adult video library AdultAppMart also offers access to thousands of adult apps not found in Google Play.

by AdultAppMart - September 10, 2013
Fun Wallpaper Apps in AdultAppMart

Fun Wallpaper Apps in AdultAppMart

Are you tired of your boring old standard screen on your phone? Or maybe you just want something new and fresh on it? Do you know that there are things called Live Wallpapers that are completely interactive?? Or maybe a Live Wallpaper is a little too extreme for you but you’d love some hot new photos (nude or non-nude) for your background image. Well if so you are in luck, AdultAppMart has almost 300 different wallpaper apps to choose from! Here are some our favorites but definitely search around to find the one that is best for you:

Hot BeachAss Live Wallpaper – This Live Wallpaper app is completely interactive and lets you adjust all sorts of setting so it’s exactly how you want it. The app starts off with a hot photo of a cute blonde on the beach naked showing off her tight ass. Now is where the customization starts! The app will have falling coconuts and dots that if you tap them, they will blow up and show a nude photo right in your background! You get to set the speed and direction of the coconuts falling. There is even a hit counter that can be displayed in the background showing how many you have blown up! Plus, one of the greatest features is if you want you can have the falling items hid just in case someone else might see your phone! Hot BeachAss Live Wallpaper is only $1.99 to download and can be downloaded here. Oh and also, if you are looking for a different theme then the beach the developer made several of these types of apps so you can chose from five other designs.

Lingerie Football HD Wallpaper – Do you love football and girls in lingerie? Lingerie Football HD Wallpaper is a great wallpaper app with 100 HD images of the hottest lingerie football babes out there! The app lets you download the images, share them and also set them as your wallpaper. The images are not interactive and are not nude so the app might be perfect for someone who is a bit shyer and doesn’t want “porn” on their main screen but still wants smoking hot girls. This could be the perfect time to download Lingerie Football HD Wallpaper so you have it on your screen ready for football season and of course your fantasy football drafts! It can be downloaded here at and is only 99 cents

Ass Clap Live Wallpaper – The title pretty much says it all! Ass Clap is a Live Wallpaper of a close up shot of one super sexy girl in black fishnets and black boyshort underwear clapping her checks together. It’s completely free and can be downloaded here.

There are almost 300 other wallpaper apps in AdultAppMart so if these are not exactly what you are looking for just search through them and you will find what you are looking for!

by AdultAppMart - June 25, 2013
AdultAppMart Puts Together Top 6 Fun New Adult Games and Puzzles

AdultAppMart puts together top 6 Fun New Adult Games and Puzzles

Are games and puzzles your thing? Even if they aren’t we have plenty on that you can try and we are sure one will be exactly what you are looking for! Here are six of the best fun adult game and puzzle Android apps on AdultAppMart:

1. Puzzle Betti – This is a classic jigsaw game but with a little bit of a twist. All 84 images are of a hot young girl name Betti and she goes from wearing cute outfits to being totally nude and playing with herself! There are three different levels of play and the harder the levels get the more action Betti does! Puzzle Betti can be downloaded here for $1.99

2. Sexy Space Invaders – This fun app might be the best version of space invaders ever! The aliens are sexy space sluts and you use you space cock to shoot them down with your sperm! For only 99 cents this app is must be downloaded!

3. MaxMem Mari and Samanta – Is a classic concentration game of memorizing locations of photos but the difference here is its hot photos of two girls getting naked and playing with themselves! You can choose how hard you want the game to be with five different levels as well as browsing through all the images at any time. MaxMem Mari and Samanta is free to download here

4. Match the Actress Adult – Is the best type of matching game you can play! Over 100 images of adult porn stars are shown to you with a list of four different names to pick which name matches the actress. You can also browse through the actresses in the app and even search for them on the interent. Match the Actress Adult is free to download here

5. Close-Up Puzzle – This is another jigsaw puzzle game where the image is mixed up on the screen for you to put back together but all the images in this app is close up shots of pretty, wet pussies! There are a variety of pictures, some with hair, some without, and even some with toys! Close-Up Puzzle is free to download here

6. Mega Puzzle Adult – Is a mega jigsaw puzzle app with thousands of photos already installed. There are tons of girls and images to choose from for free and you can also download more photos sets from other apps at an additional cost (but you probably won’t need to!) Mega Puzzle Adult is free and can be downloaded here

All these great puzzles and games are available at as well as almost two hundred more to choose from!

by AdultAppMart - May 23, 2013
AdultAppMart and Cybersocket Partner for 1st Official Cybersocket App
Cybersocket AdultAppMart App

Cybersocket AdultAppMart App

AdultAppMart and Cybersocket Partner for 1st Official Cybersocket App

AdultAppMart and Cybersocket are pleased to announce their partnership to bring Cybersocket’s first official native app exclusively to AdultAppMart’s adult app store. Since 1998, Cybersocket has been one of the world’s most popular sources for gay porn information online. In addition, Cybersocket Magazine has remained the nation’s most widely read, freely distributed LGBT publication for more than 15 years. With the new app developed by AdultAppMart the Cybersocket app will let you access all of this information in one convenient place, whenever and wherever you want.

The app features many of the things customers have come to expect from Cybersocket such as the Cybersocket Web Directory which is the #1 source for gay porn information online. Other features of the app include detailed gay porn DVD and site reviews, movie trailer videos, and articles from Cybersocket Magazine.

Quinn from AdultAppMart is very pleased with the partnership and says “We have wanted to expand further into the gay market for some time now and Cybersocket is the best gay network out there so it was the perfect fit for us. They have such a huge loyal fan base and we hope to be able to give their fans exactly what they want with this app.”

Morgan Sommer, the co-owner of Cybersocket, Inc, says ” We were looking for a partner that could take a complex set of functions and information sources and help us to organize them into an easily usable and readable mobile platform accessible through an App. AdultAppMart has stepped up and created a very cool interface that gives the mobile user all of our magazine editorial, daily updates, our extensive library of DVD and website reviews, model profiles etc. This should make it much easier for users to find what they are looking for. This has been our mission from day one and AdultAppMart is definitely the perfect partner to help Cybersocket evolve!”

To download the brand new free Cybersocket app please click here.

AdultAppMart is proud to be the leader in native app development for the adult community and is constantly looking to partner with the best in the business. If you are interested in an app please contact us at

by AdultAppMart - April 17, 2013
Two Great New Apps Uploaded to AdultAppMart!

Two Great New Apps Uploaded to AdultAppMart!

There are two brand new apps in AdultAppMart that are very exciting for us! Both are high quality and we think our members will love them.

Hot XXX Android AppDoMeFaster with Kortney Kane – Do you have what it takes to make a girl cum? Well with DoMeFaster with Kortney Kane you get to test your skills on a superhot porn star! This interactive app shows a video of Kortney Kane getting naked and then a close up of her vagina for you to rub however you want to get her off. The app keeps time for you so you can try to beat your own record and you get to hear Kortney moan with pleasure.

One of the best parts of the app is you actually get to customize it by uploading pictures and a recording your own partner’s audio so you can get them off or Kortney! The app lets you have multiple profiles saved for you to pleasure. Do you have a man with an Android? If so this could be a perfect present for him after you upload your own image to the main screen, record your moaning in pleasure and a picture of your own vagina to get off! You can find DoMeFaster with Kortney Kane in the app store for $2.99 or just click here!

Schoolgirl Run – Schoolgirl Run is a lot like a hugely popular game with a similar name but even better! In Schoolgirl Run your character is a sexy girl with little to no clothes on- depending on your chosen difficulty level. She is getting chased by a fire breathing dragon and your job is to make sure she gets away from the dragon as well as other obstacles and keeps running for her life. You control her movement by swiping or tapping the screen. Help save this hot girl and download it today!

There are two versions of Schoolgirl Run- a free version or a full version that has all the levels already unlocked and no advertisements. Schoolgirl Run Full is available in AdultAppMart for $1.99 by clicking here or the free version is here

We love our members and strive to make AdultAppMart better all the time so what are your favorite apps in AdultAppMart? Let us know and why in the comments below so we can tell our developers to keep up the great work!

by AdultAppMart - March 28, 2013
Jelena Jensen’s Official App Developed by AdultAppMart is excited to announce the development of Jelena Jensen’s official Android application exclusively fromAdultAppMart.  As of today the app is free to download for all AdultAppMart users and comes loaded with features.  The app allows Jelena’s loyal fans to view hot photos of her, save them to their phone, set them as wallpaper, rate them and save them to their favorites.  The app also connects directly to Jelena’s twitter account and her

website for people to get full access to everything Jelena Jensen!
Jelena says “Partnering with AdultAppMart to create my very own app made perfect sense to me.  I am always trying to interact with my fans as much as possible and this was another great way for my fans to have easy access to me in new and exciting ways.”   Jelena Jensen just won AVN’s Best Pornstar Website for 2013, is March 2010 Penthouse Pet, 2010 Xbiz Web Babe of the Year & 2010 Xfanz Web Babe of the Year.

AdultAppMart’s President, Quinn adds “Jelena’s app is hopefully the first of many partnerships with high profile adult entertainment stars”.  He goes on to say “AdultAppMart has recently surpassed over 1,000 apps in the store and we listen to our customers’ requests for more direct interaction with major stars. With Jelena’s recent win at AVN we knew she would be the perfect person to do our first partnership with.”

To download the app go directly to
by AdultAppMart - February 13, 2013
AdultAppMart Blasts Past 1,000 Apps!

AdultAppMart has some very exciting news to share with all of our amazing users and partner developers; we have now blown passed the one thousand (1,000) active adult! We have hundreds of developers helping add to our large library and it continues to grow rapidly with several apps being added each day on average.

More than 800 hundred (800) of these apps are completely free for all user to enjoy and share with their friends at no cost or obligation.  We have all types of genres including straight, gay, transsexual, amateurs and porn stars.  Some of our most popular apps let users instantly stream a wide variety of any type of porn they choose and at any length, whether it is just a single scene or an entire DVD.  Other popular apps focus on one adult performer and gives their fans quick access to hot content from that star!

We also have a wide selection of games, from puzzles to poker to strip blackjack and photo memory games we’ve got them all!  With the recent addition of some of the hottest dating apps on the internet AdultAppMart is the premier place to help find someone special to have a conversation with or even hook up with that same night!

A popular feature of AdultAppMart is our Movies section built directly into the app store.  This allows users to stream instantly thousands of scenes in 89 categories.  Users can even purchase an unlimited viewing pass of the Movies sections that lets them watch as much as they want to for two weeks.

As we race towards 2,000 plus apps in AdultAppMart we hope users will keep logging back into the store and check out some of our newest apps or come back to some of the more popular user favorites.  AdultAppMart users are very active in the community and love to leave feedback about their favorite apps which helps the developers create even better apps tailored to our user’s tastes!

The team at AdultAppMart values all our users and developers and are constantly improving the app store to make sure it’s the best adult app market on the planet.  Our goal is to make 2013 the best year yet for AdultAppMart and continue to offer the best in adult entertainment directly to all your Android devices.


by AdultAppMart - December 14, 2012

Mobile Entertainment Award 2012

Nov. 1, 2012

AdultAppMart a 3rd party app store Honored By Mobile Entertainment

AdultAppMart has been recognized by the Mobile Entertainment 2012 Awards as a nominee for Best Adult Company. The Mobile Entertainment, or ME Awards are in their seventh year rewarding creativity and innovation by companies in the mobile sector. “We are honored to be listed with other great companies in the mobile entertainment world”, said AAM President Quinn.

Creativity, innovation, and in this case variety have put AAM on the radar of Mobile Entertainment, and on the stage with the big boys for this year’s ME Awards.

AdultAppMart currently has 1000+ apps available at its’ store, featuring streaming and downloadable XXX pictorials and video, live chat and webcams, personals, eBooks, games, literature, web comics, and mobile versions of the top adult websites – with new content added daily. “Developer partners have steadily increased and the quality of apps continues to improve as well.” said Quinn. “Every (adult) category is represented.” said one frequent customer. “Anything you’re into is there, I watch porn wherever I am, whatever I feel like, and for mindless fun, instead of ‘Angry Birds’ I play blackjack with a porn star.”

The category list for 2012 awards has been upped from 18 to 23, categories include Best Gambling Company, Best Games Publisher and Best Music Service Provider. Past winners include Universal Music, Apple, Shazam, AdMob, and EA Mobile. AdultAppMart will be up against eight other innovative adult mobile companies for Best Adult Company. Winners will be voted by a polling of several hundred judges from the ME contact book.

Adult media has a historical reputation as a key player in driving technological advancement, notably with the early innovation and functionality of http – building the internet into what it is today – and with its choice of videotape manufacturer in the mid 80′s, the standardization of the VHS format. It’s foray and standing in the ever growing application field is one more legitimization of a cornerstone market and community.

Quinn proudly stated, “AdultAppMart has seen amazing growth in 2012 and we are looking forward to making our store even better in 2013″. The ME Awards 2012 will take place on Thursday November 29th at The Royal Garden Hotel, London. Comedian Sean Collins will host alongside Mobile Entertainment’s Tim Green.

by AdultAppMart - November 9, 2012
Free Virtual Sex Apps for Android!

Want to see what all the excitement is around virtual sex apps without spending a penny! Check out the free trial versions of all of these great games. If you’re looking to play with and get off a hot real chick on your android device then look no further.

In the mood for a sexy blond in hot fishnets just waiting for you to get her wet and wild then Virtual Sex with Julia – is the app for you. As you get Julia more and more excited you will be able to work your way to even hotter actions.  While this is only a free trial you won’t be able to see the best parts of these games but it will let you test your skills and get you ready to finish these sexy girls off!

Blondes not your thing or want to have fun with all the real girls in these applications then check out Real Sex with Denise Trial version. This great android app is optimized for both phones as well as android tablets! Get Denise’s hearts high enough and you can see how nasty she will get with your skillful hands!  All these girls get raw and uncensored in the full versions so be sure to check them out as well!

Last but not least of the free trial virtual sex android apps featuring real models is Virtual Sex with Ashley Free.  Just look at how sexy and cute this horny blonde is.  Enjoy great sound effects along amazing POV video animations.  On the full version you can fuck ever hole in her body and this app also features a new cumshot-scene in the full version.

Make sure to check out all the other sexy games featured at inside you will find both animated and live video games by this and many other developers.  Sexy memory games, hot virtual animated sex, erotic games for couples, xxx wallpapers and much more all designed and programmed just for your android devices!

Beyond games inside adultappmart you will find xxx movies on demand, dating apps, exotic stories, live cams and much more! Your android devices can not be free for all the fun, nasty, xxx action you desire.  Unleash your android and let your desires be satisfied any place at any time from the privacy of your phone!

by AdultAppMart - October 2, 2012
AdultAppMart on Nexus 7

What is even hotter than the extremely popular, affordable and fast Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet? How about raw uncensored adult apps running on that amazingly fast and sexy android tablet. is fully compatible with this newest tablet and as you can see by the photos posted it looks GREAT, you know you want to get one for your-self!

With its sleek design and power specs this tablet should be on everyone’s wish list, the google nexus 7 has an amazingly bright LED-backlit LCD touchscreen with a resolution of 800 x 1280 making our store and every amazing apps look even better than before. The videos are larger and more clear, the games brighter, bigger and better. Of course the erotic content inside all the applications is even hotter! With the Google Nexus 7 running the newest Android OS v4.1 Jelly Bean you can truly customize every aspect of this tab. Don’t forget to set your AdultAppMart icon on your home page for quick access when you need to download a fresh xxx app or watch some erotic videos on demand.

Once you install AdultAppMart on your Nexus 7 you will never look back, with 100’s of apps and fresh apps uploaded daily with a large variety of content you will always having something new and exciting to try on your amazing android tablet device. Don’t forget your Android phone and be sure to have AdultAppMart installed on all Android devices you own!

With rumors flying around the web about a 10 inch version of the nexus tablet, the team at AdultAppMart is excited to test the store and apps on even a larger screen! Stay connected to for all the news regarding new features and updates and make sure to follow us on twitter and like our facebook page.
With a few million google nexus 7 tablets expected to ship this year we are waiting for some great photos from our users showing off AdultAppMart on their own tabs, send them over to us and we will hook you up with some free credits for showing your support for AAM – AdultAppMart!

The team at AdultAppMart is excited by ever new piece of android hardware that makes its way to our customers hands and we truly want to know what you would like to see our store do next! The sky is the limit so drop us an email, tweet, or facebook and let’s make the world’s greatest adult app store even better!

by AdultAppMart - August 9, 2012
Porn On Demand for Android

7KK3T3NR23UC offers a wide range of high quality adult video on demand applications the Android devices.

On Demand Adult Movies for example has over 3500 DVD’s inside its large library of content with two DVD titles added daily! Enjoy renting a single video or get unlimited access for 14 days. The users have given this app a rating of 4.5 stars making it one of the highest rated applications.

If you want an application with some free trailers to get your motor running check out Mega Adult VOD this application features over 14000 DVD’s and all scenes have a 45 second trailer you can check out. This great application also lets you rent by the scene, dvd or unlimited access for 14 days! The users at rate this at 4 stars.

Vod Porn App is one of the highest downloaded app inside our and has received a rating of 4 stars from our users. This application features extremely high quality newly produced content that is added often. Over 66 categories with over 2600 full length scenes. As with all these apps enjoy a single scene or you can get unlimited access to all content for two weeks. This application has proven to keep users excited and coming back for more over and over again. Take it for a spin and your private time with your Android will never been the same!

If gay porn is what you are looking for then you don’t need to go any further then Gay VOD App! It is by far the best native android app with gay content available anywhere with 20 different niche categories. Twink, bear, Asian, bareback, group sex, solo and much more are all available and broken down so you can find what you are looking for instantly. The hottest guys are showing off their amazing bodies and will turn you in no time. And with the unlimited access option for only $9.95 for two weeks you can check out all the niches and maybe find something new to lust!

Lastly, if you want the best of both worlds a chick with a dick! Check out tranny vod app This app lets you rent by the scene or unlimited access for two weeks just like the others but this app gives you the best transsexual streaming videos you will find for your android phone or android tab!

All of the above applications are created with you the Android porn fan in mind. Each application is worth a look and each of the applications has a wide range of categories so no matter what gets your rocks off you will be able to find it for your Android phone and tabs!

by AdultAppMart - June 25, 2012
Three Hot New Apps!

Three of the hottest new apps on the AdultAppMart are Casino of Passion, Beach Girls and Blackjack Casino Tour by ChilliAdultGames.

Casino of Passion
Casino of Passion is an interactive fiction game that lets you control the characters by role playing. The graphics are great and the game is very detailed. You can live like a boss for a night or flirt with the hot waitress and take her home and fuck her! All of it is under your control.

Beach Girls

Beach Girls has some of the most realistic graphics out there of hot naked girls that need your help putting oil all over their bodies! Use your fingers to rub the oil on and when you rub the girls in the right spot they will get turn on and laugh. Life’s a day at the beach with Beach Girls.

Blackjack Casino Tour

Blackjack Casino Tour lets you gamble and play Blackjack with some of the hottest dealers anywhere! There are three different casinos to choose from. Go big and beat it all with Blackjack Casino Tour.

Check out Casino of Passion and Beach Girls or all of the high quality apps from ChilliAdultGames today!

by AdultAppMart - May 23, 2012
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